Dalham London In Detail:
Vacant Property Management


In the first of a series of interviews about Dalham’s Private Household Services, Head of Operations, Marta Zgyrch, speaks about what sets our Vacant Property Management service apart, what goes into keeping a property pristine, and the importance of building relationships.


From period homes to luxury townhouses to gleaming penthouses with views of the Thames, London’s prime properties stand as bastions of luxury and refinement. Yet, behind the glamour lies a challenge faced by many absentee international owners – the daunting task of managing their properties from afar. Imagine being thousands of miles from home, entrusting your prized possession to chance, uncertain of its condition upon your return. With prime London property at an absolute premium, the need for a steadfast guardian for these vacant properties has never been more pressing.

Enter Dalham. With a reputation for accountability and a track record of impeccable service, Dalham has emerged as the trusted partner for prime London property owners. More and more international London property owners are turning to Dalham, knowing that their London homes are in capable hands, ready to confront any challenge and ensure their return to perfection. In a realm where peace of mind is the ultimate luxury, Dalham offers true solace to property owners.

Hi Marta, thanks for joining us! Please tell us about your background and role at Dalham.


With over 14 years of experience in the London property market, my journey has been diverse, spanning various roles from property management to lettings and sales. Originating from Canada and having a legal background, I bring a unique blend of expertise to Dalham. As the Head of Operations, I focus on ensuring the seamless delivery of our services, including the Vacant Property Management service, which is crucial for maintaining prime properties in London.

What is Dalham’s Vacant Property Management service?


Dalham’s Vacant Property Management service provides comprehensive management solutions for prime properties, ensuring they remain impeccable even when unoccupied. Our primary objective is to offer peace of mind to property owners by mitigating risks, maintaining statutory compliance, and preparing properties for occupation to the highest standards. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and protect their valuable assets through regular inspections, diligent maintenance, and efficient billing management.

What sets Dalham apart from others in the industry?


One of the key distinguishing features of our service is our commitment to providing personalised attention to each client. Unlike larger organisations where communication may be fragmented, we offer clients a dedicated point of contact who oversees every aspect of their property care. Many of our Property Managers have overseen family portfolios for several years and developed trusting relationships with the owners. Our customers know they can reach us at any time.

Additionally, our bespoke line of services cater to individual client preferences, ensuring we are well placed to assist and address any matter. Furthermore, our comprehensive property inspections conducted by experienced property managers provide clients with detailed insights into their property’s condition, enhancing transparency and trust.

How does Dalham effectively mitigate risks associated with vacant properties and ensure compliance with statutory regulations?


Mitigating risks associated with vacant properties requires a proactive approach, which we adopt through regular weekly or bi-weekly checks conducted by our expert team. These checks encompass various aspects, such as plumbing, heating, and security systems, to promptly identify and address any potential issues.

Our advanced digital reporting system ensures compliance with insurance policies, providing clients with documented evidence of property inspections and maintenance activities. By adhering to statutory regulations and industry standards, we safeguard our clients’ interests and protect their properties from potential liabilities.

How does Dalham handle emergency work and maintain communication with property owners during such situations?


In the event of emergency works, Dalham’s priority is to respond swiftly and effectively to minimise disruption and ensure the safety of the property. Our experienced team handles various emergencies professionally and efficiently, from plumbing leaks to security breaches. We maintain transparent communication channels with property owners, providing regular updates and detailed reports on emergency works undertaken. Additionally, we offer transparent cost estimates and seek client approval before proceeding with significant repairs or maintenance activities, ensuring full transparency and accountability throughout the process.

How does Dalham ensure clear communication and keep property owners regularly informed about the status of their properties?


Clear and consistent communication is paramount in our approach to property management. We maintain regular communication channels with property owners, utilising platforms such as WhatsApp for quick updates and email for official documentation. Our designated property managers serve as clients’ primary point of contact, fostering trust and ensuring personalised attention to their needs. We also provide detailed weekly or monthly reports, depending on client preferences, to keep them informed about their property’s status and any ongoing maintenance activities.

What unique challenges does Dalham face with prime residential properties, and how do you adapt your services to address them?


Managing prime residential properties in London presents unique challenges, including high client expectations and tight time frames. At Dalham, we adapt our services to address these challenges by leveraging our extensive contractors and service providers network. Our established relationships enable us to efficiently coordinate maintenance works and meet tight deadlines, ensuring minimal disruption to our clients’ lifestyles. Additionally, our dynamic and resourceful team is adept at thinking outside the box to resolve complex issues and exceed client expectations consistently.

Summing up, how does Dalham’s service positively impact property owners’?


Dalham is all about the strength of our relationships with our international clients and their families, and the trust we develop with them is evident in their confidence in our services. So, when they walk through their door for the first time in six months, they have that peace of mind that their home is precisely as they like it to be.

We specialise in property management, but people management is at the heart of what we do and why we’re successful. At Dalham, we understand that building trust and fostering solid and lasting relationships with our clients is essential. Our team goes above and beyond to address property-related matters and personal concerns, providing comprehensive support and reassurance. This emphasis on people management sets Dalham apart in the industry and underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service.