Project Spotlight:
Private Residence Sloane Square, Chelsea, London


Overlooking one of London’s most fashionable roads, running parallel to Sloane Street, this large lateral apartment offers skyline views across the desirable Chelsea area.


During the extensive renovations, Dalham advised and oversaw the two-year development with Helen Green Design Studio from the initial design stage through to the full completion and handover. Since completion, the property has remained in the Dalham portfolio of Household & Vacant Managed properties.

Dalham worked closely with both the owners and the designers to ensure delivery was on track, eased any concerns, and acted as a conduit between all parties.

Here, we hear from Dalham Director Alex Casaki and Helen Green Design’s Studio Director Alexandra Jurkiewicz about the project, its challenges, and how the companies collaborated to create a standout prime London property that has delivered in every way.

Thanks to Alex Casaki and Alexandra for joining us! Before we jump into the project – Alexandra, could you introduce yourself and Helen Green Design?


I am the Studio Director at Helen Green Design. I joined as a Senior Designer a few years ago and gradually transitioned into my current role. As the Studio Director, I oversee the day-to-day operations of the design side, leading my team and driving the creative process. Helen Green Design is part of Allect Design Group, so we can deliver full turnkey services like architecture and delivery along with our design expertise.

Each project begins with my vision and ideas, which are shaped by a detailed brief from the client. Sometimes, the briefs are quite vague, requiring us to read between the lines and decipher subtle cues. This experience has honed my understanding of clients’ needs, especially when faced with privacy concerns or language and cultural barriers. Working with Alex Casaki and the Dalham team helped bridging these gaps, ensuring seamless communication and understanding.

Tell us how Helen Green was selected as the designer for the project.


Our involvement with this project marked a significant milestone in our collaboration with Alex Casaki and his Dalham team. Before this, we had engaged in various collaborative efforts; however, this project presented the perfect alignment of the right client and the ideal property to allow us to undertake a special project. Our initial encounter with the client occurred towards the end of 2021, amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. Our pitch meeting was an illuminating experience. We delved deep into our design arsenal and put our heart and soul into it. It was nerve-wracking, but we felt an immediate connection with the client.

Following our appointment to the project, we explored the property comprehensively, seizing the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with the family. These interactions transcended discussions on design preferences; they offered glimpses into the client’s lifestyles, habits, and preferences, crucial elements that shape our design narrative.

Alex Casaki, numerous design agencies would have been keen to work on this project. What set Helen Green apart from the competition?


Alex Casaki:
Their profound understanding of the client’s needs and preferences set Helen Green apart during the selection process. They had previously executed projects that resonated with the client, whether it was a hotel they had stayed in or a publication they’d read featuring Helen Green’s award-winning designs.

The selection process was rigorous, spanning four intense days in a prime London hotel. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Helen Green’s team stood out with their impeccable presentation and swift delivery. In a concise period, they encapsulated the essence of the client’s vision and translated it into a compelling design proposal.

Could you speak about the collaboration between Dalham and Helen Green during the project?


Alex Casaki:
Collaboration with Helen Green Design was seamless from the start. We shared a common goal of delivering excellence to our clients, and they understood the importance of client relationships. Helen Green Design brought their expertise in luxury interior design, while Dalham provided insights into the property’s structural aspects while acting as a bridge between the client and design team. We ensured that the design vision was executed flawlessly while meeting all technical requirements and deadlines.

Working with Dalham was a refreshing and rewarding experience. They were instrumental in bridging the gap between our design concepts and the practical aspects of construction. Alex Casaki and his team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality complemented our design process perfectly. Throughout the project, we maintained open communication channels, allowing us to address any challenges promptly and ensure a smooth workflow. We’ve worked on many projects where you can get bogged down in everything but design work. Dalham’s ability to act as a conduit between us and the client enabled us to focus on delivering the very best property for the client. It was fantastic.

Any project of this nature is bound to have some challenges. What were some of the major ones in this project?


The client wanted to create another room, but it was complicated by a large existing chimney which needed to be removed to achieve a desired layout., raising questions about usage, and what alterations were permissible. Alex’s guidance proved invaluable in navigating this maze of administrative hurdles. From liaising with solicitors and local councils, several hurdles were exacerbated by the lingering effects of the pandemic.

Dealing with overseas clients can also be tricky, as they are often not used to some of the hoops you have to jump through in the UK. But Dalham has the expertise and experience to guide them through the process and reassure them that everything was moving in the right direction. That lets us focus on what we do best: design and bringing the client’s vision to reality.

Alex Casaki:
Creating this additional room presented challenges and took time. Clients investing in prime property have incredibly high standards and expectations, and Helen Green completely understood that. They refuse to compromise on design integrity or rush through solutions that would have sacrificed quality or not met the client’s requirements. Instead, they collaborated closely with the client and our team at Dalham to explore reasonable alternatives and mitigate delays. This concerted effort, spanning nearly a year, underscored the professionalism and relationship between both companies. Despite the hurdles, we successfully delivered a property that exceeded expectations.

One of the central expectations was for the client to move into the property before summer 2023. How did you ensure the completion period went smoothly?


Alex Casaki:
Helen Green Design demonstrated exceptional adeptness in managing the final stages of the project. Despite potential disruptions from suppliers and other logistical hurdles, they skillfully navigated these obstacles, ensuring minimal disturbance to the client. Their ability to find innovative solutions allowed the client to enjoy their residence during the summer months and ensured that any remaining tasks on the project were seamlessly addressed.

Ensuring a smooth finish was vital, especially during the busy summer period. Our main goal was to make sure the client could enjoy their home without any interruptions from unfinished work. This underscores our dedication to putting clients first and our ability to handle important moments like project completion with care. It’s all about remembering that this isn’t just any project—it’s about creating a special home for a family.

Lastly, what were the most important factors in the project’s success?


Alex Casaki:
Both Dalham and Helen Green Design are obsessive about attention to detail. That shared approach elevates projects at every stage, from presenting your vision based on the client’s tastes to dealing with issues and thinking outside the box, to leaving no stone unturned to hit completion. I’ve heard Alexandra and her team say, “Nothing is impossible”, and that’s how all stakeholders approached this project and what, ultimately, made it a success.

I completely agree. Attention to detail and meticulous documentation were paramount to the success of the project. From commencement to completion, everything was transparently documented and readily available. This commitment to transparency and thoroughness not only instilled confidence from the client but also ensured smooth management of the property thereafter. The shared values of Alex’s Dalham team and Helen Green were crucial.

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